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June 9th, 2022

Rendering vs. Reality: Magnolia Villas affordable housing in Santa Monica

40 apartments for seniors By: Steven Sharp Urbanize Los Angeles   June 08, 2022 – Santa Monica, the wrapping is off and the residents have moved in at the Magnolia
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June 3rd, 2022

Emeryville’s Development Bonuses code lays the foundation for increased housing

League of California Cities June 1, 2022 – Like many cities, Emeryville’s housing market is out of balance. The supply does not come close to the demand. Emeryville has roughly
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May 31st, 2022

2022 Redefining the Core: Major projects in Broadway and Oak Park

By: Beth Davis Sacramento Business Journal   May 26, 2022 – This article contains profiles of several properties in development in Broadway and Oak Park in Sacramento, CA. Read full
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Partner Testimonials

  • Eric Saijo

    City of San Francisco, Okamoto Saijo Architecture

    “What we really enjoyed working with EAH is their responsiveness on issues. They were thoughtful, they considered all the angles, and always come back with a solid decision.”

    “We appreciate their fairness and how they involved us in all the decisions. Crescent Park occupies parts of four city blocks and presented some challenges, but EAH was able to embrace them. In the end, you can see how Crescent Park integrates well to the surrounding community.”

  • Jill Techel

    City of Napa, Former Mayor

    “It’s been a great opportunity for us to have someone as this level come in to manage, own, upgrade and ensure that these 365 seniors have a quality of life. We think neighborhoods are really important, that’s where people live, and that’s where they connect and EAH brings that.”

  • Janet Lockhart

    City of Dublin, CA, Former Mayor

    “EAH housing beat a lot of other really good companies because they have a clear vision of what they can create in Dublin and matched our desire in affordable housing.”

    “With EAH, we found a similar vision for reaching out to our community. EAH is right, that people of all income levels deserves respect, and nice place to live. Public were really pleased in the design and initially didn’t know we are building an affordable housing.”

  • Kymberly Pine

    City of Honolulu, Council, Vice Chair

    “I’m so proud to have been there at your groundbreaking and your opening to actually see families that I used to help care for at Ala Moana Beach Park so happy to have a home over their head. You have raised the hopes and dreams to so many people who have lost hope and I just want to thank you for continuing to be a great partner with the city.”

Real People Real Stories

  • Going to college as a first generation college-goer can feel like an uphill climb. Pile on coronavirus pandemic challenges like heightened anxiety, distance learning and sheltering in place, and that hill can feel like a mountain. But for Daniela, Andy, Victoria and Antonio — four such students who are also EAH Housing scholarship winners — resilience, grit and affordable housing helped make those challenges feel a little more like bumps in the road. Daniela Daniela has been living for the past nine years with her parents
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  • Oakley, CA, February 2021 – Chad was raised by a single mother at DeAnza Gardens, an EAH Housing community in Bay Point, Calif. Starting in high school and inspired by his hardworking parents, he worked and saved all he earned. He paid his own way through college and now, at 28, works as a business developer for a large company specializing in health and safety cleanups at commercial buildings. In November, he bought his first home, in nearby Oakley. Chad is grateful for the stability
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  • The joyous lyrics of “YMCA” rang out across Bella Terra, an EAH Housing community in Morgan Hill, Calif., as two EAH staff members shook jumbo-sized letter cards spelling out Y-M-C-A in time to the music. On Bella Terra’s second- and third-floor balconies, residents were also shaking their tail feathers. That was the scene back in March at the first weekly dance party DJ’d by Adilene, the Bella Terra resource coordinator and her teammate, Deanna, Bella Terra’s resident manager. With inspiration from Blanca, a regional supervisor,
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  • Food for low-income seniors and families — from on-site grocery pantries and senior brown bag lunches to partnerships with community gardens, markets and food banks — has always been a cornerstone of EAH Housing resident services. But as the coronavirus pandemic forces thousands of EAH residents to shelter in place, including workers laid off or told to stay home, those cornerstone connections have become grocery lifelines.   EAH Housing resident services staff have risen to the challenge, bolstering and increasing food delivery to residents and
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Commendations & Awards

  • Affordable Housing Finance - EAH Housing
  • Gold Nugget - EAH Housing
  • LEED - EAH Housing
  • Business Times - EAH Housing