EAH Housing 10th Anniversary in Hawaii

Eah Housing
HONOLULU, HI – EAH Housing, a non profit housing corporation developing, managing and promoting quality affordable housing in Hawaii and California, hosted an anniversary party at Kukui Tower on Tuesday, October 24, 2006. 
Mary Murtagh, President and CEO of EAH Housing, joined by Lt. Governor Duke Aiona, Debbie Kim Morikawa, Director, Community Services, City and County of Honolulu, and Cheryl Fukunaga, Multifamily Housing Project Manager for HUD celebrated a decade of quality affordable housing in Hawaii and talked about fulfilling the growing need for affordable homes in the future. 
EAH also recognized ten senior Kukui Tower residents that have lived on the property for over three decades with a special “Honored Neighbor” certificate. The “Honored Neighbor” recipients were between the ages of 80 to 90 and from very different backgrounds, yet they all credited Kukui Tower for their ability to live with security and independence in their golden years. 
"EAH is committed to preserving the affordability of apartments like Kukui Tower and developing future housing opportunities for families, seniors and those most in need.” said Mary Murtagh, CEO and President. “Affordable housing is a critical issue that touches each of us and EAH Housing will continue to create sustainable, affordable communities. With EAH, residents can be secure that their homes will stay affordable – that is why we are here.” 
In 1996, EAH Housing was alerted to the need to save Kukui Tower from being converted to market rate condos. This would have resulted in the eviction of over 1,100 Honolulu residents. That same year, EAH Housing formed Hui Kauhale, Inc. (HKI), a Hawaii nonprofit corporation which includes local Board members, and worked closely with HUD to preserve the affordability of Kukui Tower. For the last 10 years, EAH Housing has continued in its mission to manage and develop affordable housing in Hawaii. EAH currently manages 900 units in Oahu and is developing 192 new affordable units in the Ewa Villages on a 23.8 acre site known as Area H. Phase One of this project will begin construction in 2007. 
Founded in 1968, EAH Housing is now one of the oldest and largest nonprofit housing organizations in the western United States. With offices in San Rafael, San Jose, Fresno and Honolulu, serving 15,000 residents, EAH has developed over 5,200 units of affordable housing and plays a leadership role in housing advocacy efforts. 
For more information visit www.eahhousing.org